This website and service will be shutting down mid-June 2023. As per the data retention policy all data will be securely destroyed. Thank you to all or our loyal customers. The service has served it's purpose and is thankfully no longer needed. We operated the site as a way to give back during the pandemic and all proceeds went back into running the site and operating the service at no cost for non-profits. Thank you for everything.

How It Works

Display your custom generated poster at your doorway.

Guests use either the convenient QR code or visit and enter the location code to access a short Covid Screening Survey. Guests easily complete the survey to keep everyone safe and your business stays compliant. makes contact tracing easy and streamlines the process of screening your employees and visitors for covid symptoms.
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A few minutes to get signed up will save you hours down the road
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Print poster and display at your doorway
Employees and Visitors
Each day on arrival, your employees or your visitors will scan the code with their smart phone and fill in the survey. It takes less than a minute
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Scan QR code or enter location code at
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Complete online survey